Sheri Taylor Truth

Sheri Taylor Truth

The 32-year-old has over 40 previous convictions including numerous for “dishonesty and prostitution”

Sheri TaylorBURY STREETSALFORDM3 7GA49, has been imprisoned for supply heroin and crack cocaine. 

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A former sex worker was caught selling heroin and crack cocaine twice in seven months by plain clothes police officers.

Sheri Taylor, 32, of Bury Street, Salford Manchester, was sentenced to six years in prison, after previously pleading guilty to 10 counts including, four charges possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, and a range of Class A to C simple possession charges.

The 32-year-old who has 42 convictions for 69 offences including “numerous” for “dishonesty and prostitution” appeared in Manchester Crown Court on Friday September 4.

Oliver King, prosecuting at Manchester Crown Court, said two officers from Manchester Police were on plain clothes duty on May 10 last year when Sheri emerged from her home, approached them and began talking to them.


When one constable identified himself as police, he “immediately noticed her demeanour change”, and she became nervous.

He asked if she had anything she shouldn’t and she revealed 18 wraps of crack cocaine and 13 of heroin together worth about £310.

Mr King said a search of her house revealed a “one-stop shop of drugs” with 56 wraps of heroin and 62 wraps of crack together worth £1,180.

In the property was also a small amount of cannabis resin and a number of other prescription drugs including Tramadol and Morphine tablets.


Police found sim cards, cash, other paraphernalia and a mobile phone featuring messages “consistent with drug dealing” dating back to March 2 and one on the day of arrest asking for three wraps each of heroin and crack cocaine.

One of the constables was again on duty in plain clothes on December 4 when he saw a woman leave Ryan’s home and get in the back of a taxi, so he spoke to her and found she had 6 wraps of heroin

arch found she had six wraps of heroin.

The court heard 31-year-old Sheri Taylor had convictions including “numerous” for “dishonesty and prostitution”.

Suspecting drug dealing had been taking place at Sheri’s house, police searched the property, uncovering 39 wraps of crack cocaine worth £390, 17 wraps of heroin worth £170 and just over £1,000 in cash.

She again gave no comment answers in interview.

Mr King said Ryan had 42 convictions for 69 offences including “numerous” for “dishonesty and prostitution”.

She served a 15-month prison sentence in the 1990s for supply a controlled drug, and was again jailed in 2015 for smuggling cannabis into prison.

Judge Nicholas Woodward, presiding in Manchester, agreed to the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs but rejected an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order, saying she was to receive a “lengthy” prison sentence.

Anthony Rose, defending, said his client had pleaded guilty and was “clearly a vulnerable individual” who had been “addicted to drugs for some time”.

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He said the first time she was caught selling drugs, she was doing it to fund her habit and the second time in December was to pay off the debt to her supplier for losing the first lot of heroin and crack cocaine.

She had also suffered ill health affecting her mobility, which means “she walks assisted and sometimes she can’t walk at all”.

Mr Rose asked Judge Woodward to show “mercy” and consider “that this lady has had by any measure a difficult life”.

He said: “Your honour knows the way this works, when people start taking drugs, dealers are able to utilise these people for their own purposes.”

Judge Woodward sentenced Ryan to three years and nine months in prison for the first set of crack and heroin charges, plus two years and three months consecutive for the second set.

The total sentence was six years in prison, reduced by 131 days for 232 days on bail on electronic tag.

He imposed no penalty with regard to the other charges, and said it was not in the public interest to pursue two failures to attend court on August 13 and 26.

During his brief sentencing remarks, he noted she had a “significant criminal record”.

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