Wheel Loaders for Different Types of Work

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are very useful heavy equipment machines used in construction to transport or move materials like sand, rock, soil, debris, etc., to or from another area. They are the preferred choice of many construction companies because they can be easily operated and are economical to use. In fact, wheel loaders are now a common part of most construction sites. However, for construction work that requires precise and heavy-duty work, the use of a wheel loader is not enough because it requires special attachments, and there are few types of wheel loaders that you can choose from.

Digging and Lifting

A wheel loader has a frame that is made from either aluminum or steel that can be secured in a particular location. There are two types of wheel loaders available one is the self-propelled one that is mounted on a platform on the ground and is propelled by the driver using a hydraulic system; the other type is the fixed one that is secured in one place, and that can only be opened manually by the driver. If you want to save money and operate on a tight budget, you should invest in a wheel loader powered by an electric engine and is not self-propelled. The fixed wheel loader will be your best choice for long-distance works because it can be placed anywhere and can be left unattended, unlike the self-propelled ones that have to be towed each time they move. Wheel loaders that are propelled by an engine’s power are usually used for digging and lifting the earth. If you are going to make short distances, you can use a gas-driven wheel loader.

Digging and Crushing

Wheel loaders come in two categories those that have axles and those that do not. If you are planning to dig and carry soil, it would be better if you get a used wheel loader with larger tires to be used for larger projects. These loaders also have higher ground clearance, a greater capacity for digging and crushing and have better suspension systems. The smaller wheel loaders are used for simple tasks like loading and unloading small supplies and for lighter digging purposes.

You can find wheel loaders that have a number of optional attachments to cater to your needs. If you are planning to use heavy equipment regularly for digging, you should consider buying wheel loaders with a hydraulically operated shovel and a bucket. There are also light loaders that come with a hydraulic scoop and a dump pan. Heavy-duty power wheel loaders are suitable for digging and lifting heavy materials.

Lifting Heavy Cargoes

Although front loaders are normally used to pull and transport soil and other heavy materials, some types are designed to do other jobs. One such example is the bucket loader which is perfect for landscaping work. Lightweight front loaders are used for carrying lightweight materials like gravel, sand, and silt. Grader wheel loaders are used for leveling grounds and for digging postholes. And there are also back-end loaders that can do other jobs like transporting scrap metal, carrying supplies, transporting pipes and tubing, and lifting very heavy cargoes.

There are several types of wheel loaders that you can choose from according to your job and budget. You can get front-end loaders that have more powerful motors and bigger bucket loads for larger jobs. Meanwhile, there are small and medium wheel loaders for easy handling and lightweight construction. And there are large and extra-large front-end machines for digging or lifting very heavy material. Whatever machine you decide to purchase, always make sure that it will be durable enough to handle the kind of work you need to perform.


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