5 Signs Of Bad Tires You Must Be Aware Of

Most of the equipment and vehicles run on tires. These are the parts of the vehicle that allows them to run on the road and move on the surface. You must be aware that how important these tires are. The quality and condition of the tire must be top-notched as they have to bear the overall load of the equipment and move it along with it.

The tire manufacturing companies keep in mind to make it up to the mark and provide the manual along with it. The drivers must understand the user manual and guide to know the limit and lifespan of the tire. The user manual also contains all the safety precautions that drivers must follow.

If the tires are not maintained properly then they may get damaged and can also disturb the productivity of the equipment. There are some signs that indicate tire damage. In this article, we are listing the signs of bad tires so that you may look at them before getting into the worst situation.

  • Cracks and Bulges in the tire

In heavy equipment like a wheeled excavator for sale, tire bulges, or tire bubbles are very common. The reason for these bubbles in the tire may vary but most commonly they appear due to bad and rough road conditions. It is common that after time, the tire quality starts deteriorating. The continuous movement of the vehicle on rough and uneven surfaces also makes health of tire damage. In this case, the bulges appear frequently on the tire. These bulges on the tire are very dangerous for the vehicle and may cause an accident on the road. Due to the low pressure in the tire, the vehicle may not move properly and trip over due to the overload.

Another potential sign of tire damage cracks. The cracks may appear due to the sharp objects coming in their way. A punctured and flat tire may cause life-threatening accidents for the drivers. So, it must not be avoided and repaired timely.

  • Vibrations in the tire

The vibration in the tire is another sign of damage. It appears due to the slippage in the metal belts present inside the tire. When the tire does not run smoothly it creates vibration. The driver can feel these vibrations on the steering wheel during driving.

When you find any single warning of vibration in the steering wheel you should stop driving and park the vehicle on the side and check the tire. Look for a nearby mechanic and repair them immediately.

  • Unusual noises

When you hear an unusual noise coming from your vehicle, you must not confuse it with the engine noise. This noise may come from the damaged tire. You should immediately check it to give it a quick repair.


Tires are the most important component of any vehicle and equipment. most of the construction equipment like a wheeled excavator for sale runs on it. Due to improper usage, it may get deteriorate and lose its quality before time. In this article, we have mentioned some common sign that indicates tire damage. You should always check on these signs before driving the vehicle.

Christiana Antiga

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