Live Chat: The Future of Customer Service

Live online chat service
Today’s digital age represents a host of technologies that are equally a blessing and a curse. However, when it comes to the live chat, it’s a bounty that deserves all the praise. Customers these days are living in a real-time context and expect to get real-time responses from brands. Live chat didn’t only change the way how customer service representative connects with the customers, but it has also made it easier for them. This growing trend toward Omni-channel customer service that has different shopping methods are available to consumers has improved customer experience. Small businesses to flourish in the increasing competition are building their reputation using value-added live chat tools.
Current Evolution
Live chat offers the customers satisfaction rate with 71% when compared to 44% for phone support and 61% for email support – Encosultancy survey. It is preferable as it provides customers with instant attention. This instant messaging application, when integrated with a website, broadens opportunities for any online business. To survive and nurture in today’s competitive world, it’s vital to deliver a customer experience with 100% satisfaction. Live online chat service is the key to proper communication between customers and the sales team. Luckily, it offers everything valuable to customers and especially for higher conversion rates. Live chat agents use this type of tool for quick and more personal communication and other reasons such as:
online chat service
1. Live chat boost conversion rates by 20%
2. Live chat 24/7 assist in solving customer queries, resulting in a surge in the probability that customers will buy.
3. It upticks customer satisfaction levels; customers get an instant and satisfying response to their questions. They relish some real-time customer service from the brand.
4. Live chat services offer simple text-based solutions that allow sales reps to clear up any doubts regarding the products and services and customers to make a purchase.
5. Shoppers who are invited to chat by brands are 6.3X more likely to be converted to potential customers.
6. It increases visual engagement, such as you could co-browse and video chat at the moment.
Future Prospects
More businesses today are struggling to reach out to their customers who live in different parts of the world. Live chat is an online business tool that influences the brand’s online presence and improves customer engagement significantly. With more and more people now shopping online, live chat is a necessary feature for interacting with consumers in real-time and helping them in their shopping needs.
Here’s more how live chat can shape the future of business:
1. Live chat operators provide instant real-time assistance before customers get impatient when they have a problem searching for a product.
2. Live chat decrease waiting time, related to the product information, price, and availability.
3. It expands global reach by offering multilingual chat options on your site. You provide customer service in 
any of the customer’s preferred languages.
4. An effective live chat can stimulate a less-coercive overall customer support experience.
5. It grows your customer base as it helps better understand customer needs and demands.
In the End
Live chat is an indispensable tool for customer sales and support because it changes the dynamic of how a customer converse with a brand or company. It makes the customer service process an easy and effective solution, and online shopping a worthwhile experience for customers.

Samad Singapuri

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