Customize the Gifts You Give Your Loved Ones with Engraving and Etching in Abu Dhabi

They say giving gifts increases the love between people. Whether it’s your friends, family, or even acquaintances, when you give them a present on their special days, it makes them feel loved and appreciated. Now you can improve your gift-giving practice with the help of engraving and etching in Abu Dhabi (

Nowadays customized gifts are the way to go. Instead of getting a very expensive present that will ruin your budget for the month, you can get them something that is customized with an engraving that they can keep with them forever and will remind them of you. Not only that, a customized gift always makes the person feel special!

Engraving and Its Types

An engraving device is usually a tool with a sharp edge that physically cuts lines into a surface to imprint what you need to be engraved. There are three main types of engraving


Etching is one of the most popular types of engraving because it can be used with many different materials. Most of the time etching is used to mark logos, symbols, or slogans into glass, stone, or crystals. It is used mostly for decoration, such as getting a name etched into a precious stone or a date on the crystal of your jewelry.

Previously, a strong acid was used for etching, which burned the required design onto the surface, which could be glass or crystal, stones or rocks. Now the acid has been replaced by other chemicals which are more effective in etching and also make cleaner designs.  This has made the process of etching faster and provides long-lasting results.

Laser Engraving

Laser is another form of engraving that is now becoming more and more popular for the customization of different objects whether they are made of stone, metal, wood, or leather. This allows you to get your initials engraved into your watch, or customize a pen with the name of your friend as a graduating present.

You can also use laser engraving to carve the date on your engagement rings or wedding bands. Laser engraving is a clean and precise process that leaves the rest of your object as it is. It is the preferred choice for many different engraving requirements including plaque engraving and ornamental engraving.

Rotary Engraving

This is the type of engraving that can be done with aluminum, gold, copper, and sterling silver. This can be used with a very wide range of materials so is a good option for getting the school or college trophies, medals, swiss knives, etc engraved.

Uses of Engraving

Engraving is now being used for many different purposes, the main ones being the following

Ring Engraving

If you are planning to propose, or are engaged or even married, getting your engagement g or wedding band engraved with the date of your wedding or the name of your husband or wife can be a very romantic gesture. Gifting them the ring with a date etched into it for as long as the ring is with you is an amazing idea for an anniversary present.

Not only that, with the option of crystal etching and engraving in Abu Dhabi, you can get an engraved stone on a necklace or bracelet to give to your loved ones including your mother, daughter, or wife on different occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and other such special occasions.

Plaque Engraving

Plaque engraving is an amazing option for a gift to give to your loved ones especially if they are minimalist and love simple designs. With the help of laser engraving, you can get a plaque engraved with the name of your friend, a special date, or the name of your house to display outside your home.

This will not only add to the modern look of your house but also last you a very long time as the laser does not fade or get old. In addition to that laser engraving is very clean and neat without creating a mess but it needs to be done by professionals.

Plaques can also be engraved for special occasions such as birthday parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, and baby showers. A laser engraved plaque will give your decorations a beautiful new look while also being something that can stay with you from the event forever.

Leather Engraving

A good leather wallet is something that lives with you. It keeps your identity and money safe and can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Now you can give your wallet a new look, whether you are buying one for yourself or plan to gift it to a friend, you can get it engraved with the name of the owner, and phone number, etc so in case of losing it, it can be returned to the owner easily.

Not only that, a customized wallet gives you a look that appears more fashionable and hip, adding a new dimension to your personality. Personalized wallets, notebook covers, and even coin purses can be an excellent gift to give your friends and family on a special occasion.

The Takeaway

Gift giving has been around for centuries but you can now add a new look to your presents by getting them customized according to the liking of who you are giving the gift to. Whether it is a watch or a pen, a wallet or a purse, you can get it engraved with names, dates, or initials making them something to keep with you your whole lives and something that you can pass onto the next generations.

Etched jewelry pieces are also something that you can get for your loved ones, as a Mother day present to your mom or an anniversary gift to your spouse, special fates engraved make ordinary jewels have special importance in your heart and lives.

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