Myths and Misconceptions on Laser Hair Removal

home laser hair removal
We all have got annoying hair in places that we would like to remove. Doing home laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove hair permanently, and many women are opting for home laser hair removal over other methods like removal cream, shaving, and waxing. However, laser hair removal has become immensely popular over the last few years as it is useful, painless, and straightforward. But there are many misunderstandings and myths about this treatment.
home laser hair removal

Myth #1 – it is painful

Laser hair removal does sound scary, but surprisingly it is not painful. Many people experience different sensations and vary in pain thresholds. It is tough to distinguish between every individual and the experience with the treatment. Many people say doing home laser hair removal for the first time is the worst. While doing laser, you feel a tingling sensation.
Laser hair removal doesn’t hurt more than waxing because the process that spread out for several sessions. It is quicker and safer than waxing as it doesn’t cause any bleeding. While the home laser hair removal is not fully guaranteed to be pain-free but could be pain-free as the device includes a cool-air fan, and special lotions, and flexible settings on laser.

Myth #2 – it does not work with dark skin

There was a time laser hair removal would not work with dark skin. Although the latest advances in science developments say now, hair can remove from darker skin. Always make sure with your dermatologists, which are the most updated system before processing home laser hair removal.

 Myth #3 – It takes a lot of time to treat maybe even years

Minimum it takes 4 to 5 treatments to get rid of that unwanted hair, and generally, patients that told to repeat doing home laser hair removal ever 6 to 8 weeks. It means getting rid of the hair will finish within a few months. However, it all relies on the financial situation, but the hair laser removal device is affordable, and you can do further treatments just sitting at home.

 Myth #4 – it is way too expensive

Going to a dermatologist and doing laser hair removal, the costs increase per visit, and everything relies on how large the area you want to use a laser. If you’re going to laser your upper lip, this will cost very less comparing to your legs or back, which is indeed a large area and will take more time. Discuss with your practitioner before distinguishing between prices, the money adds up only when sessions that has done again and again, but every session will not be that expensive. Doing home laser hair removal is far more cost-effective and is better than buying razors continuously.

Myth #5 – it is not safe

Laser hair removal uses a laser that attracts the pigments in a hair follicle that means the laser only targets the hair follicle and nothing else. It leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed many people can safely use it as a home laser hair removal.

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