How To Efficiently Manage Inventory In Mining?

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Mining is one of the toughest and risk-bearing industries. Operating and working on a mining project is extremely expensive and challenging. You continuously face complexity and challenges that may hinder your way. It does not matter how many years of experience you have. You must be at risk while working on a mining project.

In the mining site and project, inventory management is one of the biggest hassles. Mining sites are mostly in remote areas where the common people and facilities are not available. In these remote places, you have to keep everything safe and up to the mark. The company working on the mining site usually builds a warehouse there. This warehouse is to keep the equipment and their stuff. However, this inventory management is not as easy as it looks at once.

Here, in this article, you will know the major challenges you need to look at while managing the inventory at the mining site.

Theft at inventory

Warehouse theft at the mining site is quite common. The thieves are into stealing mining equipment and other materials as they are very expensive. The main reason for the robbery at the mining site is the unavailability of law enforcement. Due to its remote locations, the military or other coups are not present there. So, the project managers need to take care of the inventory.

Installing the CCTV camera can help in monitoring the site. Whereas the proper and secure lock to the warehouse gate is the most reasonable solution. You can also hire security guards to protect the site from any kind of burglary.

Poor management

After the theft, poor inventory management is another big challenge at mining sites. If the project manager is not killed enough to manage the inventory, he might have to face major challenges. Poor management includes the piling up of material in advance even if it is not needed, and not having the material that is required at the site. This is quite an important factor to look at. Being a manager, you need to know how much material you need at the site. All this planning is part of initial project planning. If you are not sure about the quantity of the material, make sure not to order in bulk. Further, keeping the material and equipment in the warehouse is another skill. Your stuff should not be scattered and spread to the overall area.

Poor productivity

Another big problem is a loss in productivity. It happens when your equipment is running out and you do not have any technician to fix the problem. You are already working in a remote area where finding a technician is nearly impossible. So, what is the solution to this problem? It is better to have enough tools and spare parts in the warehouse. Also, keep one worker or resource who knows well about the equipment. If the equipment is having any minor issues, then the person or operator can fix it. This way you will reduce productivity loss.

The bottom line

Mining sites are full of challenges and complexities. Mining sites are actually in remote places where the human presence is almost zero. The construction company needs to build a warehouse in that area to keep the mining equipment and other materials and tools. In this article, you may know how to keep the inventory manageable and safe from burglary and other kinds of odd activities.

Christiana Antiga

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