Six Leading UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

E-commerce is one of the sectors where customer experience (CX) has always been an important part. With e-commerce maturing, user expectations are getting higher and CX is becoming more influential than ever. UI design trends will contribute to the overall improvement of the CX within e-commerce.

The goal of this article is to show users what UI design trends to follow in 2022. It’s not just about knowing them, but it’s about understanding why they are relevant now or why they might be relevant in 2022. So let’s start!

  • Dark Mode

Dark Mode is something that we might see more of in the next few years as displays become even better and OLED technology gradually replaces traditional LCD screens. This will make them easier on the eyes and therefore reduce the amount of time spent looking at a screen (which leads to eye fatigue): thus enabling people to use their gadgets longer without having to take breaks. Users will also appreciate it if they can change color settings depending on their surroundings – like making screens brighter when exposed to direct sunlight or switching to Dark Mode at night.

      This mode will be preferred over bright backgrounds because of its ability to reduce stress on eyes, thus improving readability across all types of content by curtailing the harsh glare associated with bright screens. For quite some time now, Dark Mode has become an option in many mobile applications to increase battery life by reducing bright colors and white backgrounds. As OLED technology advances to increase display brightness without consuming too much power, more people will be able to use apps with  Dark Mode enabled.

  • Metaverse

  This term is being used to describe the collective virtual shared space, which consists of the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality environments, and the internet . There are already many projects that will make this concept come true during next year, like ARKit for iOS , Project Tango by Google , HoloLens , Meta 2 , and Magic Leap . The implementation of metaverses will affect shopping in a huge way because it could change the way we purchase products online. For example, Augmented Reality (AR) allows customers to visualize how furniture would look in their own homes before buying it.The Metaverse is a  collective virtual shared space, which users can enter into and contribute to with the help of avatars. This will enable them to communicate and share information using voice and textual chat interfaces.

Another interesting UI trend that is gaining momentum currently is the Metaverse – it allows users to be present in the digital world, while being physically located somewhere else. This technology will also enable them to see each other’s avatars and interact through gestures, emotions and messages. Once perfected, this feature can have a dramatic impact on how people use computers for everyday tasks. For example, it might allow students to attend classes taught by their favorite professors regardless of distance or location where they are actually sitting/standing.

  • Utilizing 3D in e-commerce

  The use of three-dimensional (3D) images in online shopping has been on a rise for quite some time now. However, we predict that this trend will be more prominent in 2022 than it is today because designers need to create something new and interactive in order to keep customers engaged longer.

During 2022 3D technology became more widespread among e-shops because websites can offer customers a more interactive experience. Stores can provide their customers with a better shopping experience using models of products and even virtual fitting rooms .

In 2022, we will have more 3D-enabled websites that allow you to see the product from every angle before buying it. Virtual Reality as a part of online purchases will be common as well as an option for choosing the desired color of the product. In 2021 there were over 1 billion VR users worldwide , so this number is expected to double by 2022. Besides e-commerce stores, VR could also be used for purchasing transportation tickets or reserving hotel rooms .

  4. Dynamic color palettes

  By 2026 colors will become almost infinite as the ability for content to shift colors based on user preferences becomes much easier/better with advancements in machine learning, meaning that when the user clicks or points to an object, then that color will shift to become more appealing.

Colors affect our moods and emotions which is why designers choose them very carefully when creating interfaces. The problem with traditional color schemes is that they are often static. To address this issue, dynamic color palettes may be used in the future. These schemes change color depending on factors such as time of day or weather conditions .

  5. Smooth gradients

  Just like with gradients on icons, web designers will keep playing with new gradient styles on websites in 2022. The problem is that some browsers simply don’t support smooth gradients (at least not without additional plugins). However, even considering these compatibility problems, we expect smooth gradients to grow in popularity. When someone sees a smooth gradient, they’ll know it’s 2022.

Gradients in web design is no longer an option – it’s a must, especially after Apple introduced its latest redesign of all its operating systems (iOS included) with gradient-centered icons. This makes us think about how long it might take for this trend to become mainstream in websites? Perhaps not too long, since flat 2D interfaces are becoming less popular by the day because they’re harder to use on devices with small screens. With that said, expect designers to play with smooth gradients in their 2022 holiday season designs.

  6. Future of Voice User Interface (VUI)

   In the future, we won’t have to type at all. We’ll simply speak our thoughts and let AI handle the rest—at least that’s what many futurists predict will happen in 2022 . Naturally, this means that voice user interface design is going to become a major trend over the next few years. This means not just designing websites for VUIs, but also creating applications with VUIs in mind.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are the hottest trend these days – just look at how advanced Siri, Alexa and others have become. Voice user interface (VUI) is the future of computing, so it’s no wonder that experts predict human-to-machine dialogue as one of the major UI design trends of 2022 . It’s only a matter of time before we see more websites using VUIs.


The following are some of the most popular UI/UX design trends for 2022. They include elements that will satisfy your aesthetic desires while providing high levels of accessibility and usability in terms of user experience, among other benefits such as enriched branding opportunities with modern layouts suited to all devices users come across nowadays – be it desktop computer screens or mobile phone displays!

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Christiana Antiga

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