How to Create Your Own Game on Play Store in 2022?

Nowadays everyone is using mobile phones and playing games on play store. But there are very few people who actually know the procedure of making their own game and publishing it to become famous among users. This might be your first start with creating games but there are many other people who have created some great games before you, so keep an eye on where the market is heading.

First of all you have to get your game recognized by the people, so the app needs to be good in quality and it also has to be unique enough so that no one else has created similar games before. After getting some idea about what you are trying to create, get it designed on paper in any old way that comes into your mind. Draw the sprites of characters, design the background and make sure you have all the necessary things to create a game.

How to write game design brief?

You need to write a game design document that will provide you with an idea on what your game is going to be like and also, help you in getting all the details of the game right. Whenever you are planning on creating a new game, always follow these following steps:

– Get some ideas about the plot and setting of the story

– Gather some information about the features of your game, what are they going to be like?

– Write everything in a document, this will help you with getting all the necessary things right.

You can get new ideas for making games by playing games that are already available on play store. You get an idea of how the games are made, what type of game play you like and what kind of game design that attracts your attention. You can also take help from people who are already in the business to provide some helpful tips.

How to find a game developer?

At first you need to find good android developers so that you can get an idea of the capabilities of the developers. You’ll find many companies publishing their apps on the play store, download them and see what they are capable of doing. This will help you in getting an idea about the type of game that your company can or cannot create.

Make sure that you hire companies that have made games similar to your idea, this will ensure quality working and the game’s user experience will be just how you imagined it.

Qualities of a good game developer

– A game developer should have great knowledge about games, this means that they should be able to create the best game play according to market standards.

– You need developers who are ones with good programming skills, because your game needs to work the way you want it to and have a flawless user experience.

– The developer should understand what you mean by your instructions, there should be a good and transparent communication between you and the developer. This will ensure the requirements are clear and the end objective is well-defined to everyone.

When you have found your game developer, get in touch with them to create a game that would not only impress the users but also give you good revenues. Make sure there are no delays while working on your project, developers should work hard to meet deadlines so that your game is published on time.

After forming a complete idea on how you want your game to be like, start working on it. Before getting it published for others, make sure you test it on your own device to give yourself a rough idea of how the game is going to be.

What do you need to take care of when publishing a game?

As soon as you complete your game development process, get it tested by professionals in the industry and release it for user testing.

As everything has pros and cons, still think about what could have been better before publishing the game. Once you are done with testing the game, get it published on play store for people to see it. You can also try publishing it on Amazon if you think people who use Amazon devices will like your game. Also, do not forget to add all the necessary information on how people can contact you and also add some social media links so that they can leave their valuable feedback. You can even add a signup form where people can subscribe for updates on when new games are going to be available. You can also hire an Android app development company to build a high performance game app for you.

How much does it cost to put a game on Google Play?

A typical Google Play game costs $100-$300 to put on the store. You can find tons of indie games that cost much less, but they usually don’t get featured by the store. If you’re an indie developer who wants to release their own app, you’re going to have to invest at least $100 in it.

Marketing Your Game:

When you are done with creating your game, make sure to promote it in social media like Facebook and twitter, try to create pages for games that you think people will like. You can even use hashtags on Twitter or create an event on Facebook where the post gets automatically shared to your entire friends list that love playing mobile games.


Creating a game isn’t as difficult as you think, all you need to create a good game is a set of creative ideas. All you have to do is take help from people who know how the industry works and learn along the way. You can even hire professional companies that will handle everything from your end so that nothing ever goes wrong for you.

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Christiana Antiga

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