Glide SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: For Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

Adventurous people are always keen to have the best gliding product for them. for glide purposes, Glide SUP is providing the best products for your adventure.

Standup paddle boarding has become one of the top daring sports in the world. It provides goosebumps to an athlete doing SUP.

All the boards are not manufactured equally in Glide Sup. The best board modern era have are inflatable paddle boards. this product includes a fabric paddle for the rider and an inflatable board. these inflatable paddle boards are best because of their various variations.  It can be inflated and can be put into a bag to carry it easily. Athletes and even common people can also use them as paddle boards on beaches.

These boards are made up of ultra-reinforced drop stitch:3300g/per square meter, the quantities of thread are 144pcs/per square decimeter. the premium quality core allows the board to inflate up to 25/psi that is ideal for a paddle board. the material used to make these inflatable boards are heat resistant. these print on the board cannot vanish due to the use of high-quality color gradings.

These paddle boards are easy because they blow up paddle boards. one person can easily blow the board to inflate it at least to support the board on the water.

this inflatable bard is also come with a seat. The proper seat allows the rider to sit on the board enjoy riding on the sea, river, and lake.

These inflatable paddle boards are also used by rescue teams due to their compact size and proper shape of a shi allows the rescuer to use it as a rescuring ship near the beach.

The extra-wide body and flat bottom provide ultimate stability for reeling in your next monster catch while the 400 lbs carrying capacity, deck mounts.

These paddle boards are best for fishing purposes. fishing is sometimes long stay duty for the fisher. one has to sit for a long time to catch fish. These inflatable paddle boards Are the best option for that.

Its O2 category is best in the category of inflatable peddle boards by glide up.

Its nonslip body allows the rider to even stand for a long time even in the worst condition of the weather and has a flat bottom. That gives it a better grip and proper surface area to stand still and float in the water.

It has a deck mount for the accessories of the best inflatable paddle board.

inflatable paddle board with seat has non slip brushed deck has a high-quality inflated valve with a maximum range of 25psi.


  • Backpack with rolling wheels for easy travel
  • 3-piece Adjustable Paddle
  • Leash
  • High capacity SUP pump
  • Fin
  • Repair Kit
  • 2-rod holders
  • NEW FOR 2021 Kayak Seat and Carry Strap Included

Website Glide sup provides the best animation of the inflatable stand up paddle board. The inner tube of the paddle board is made up of the best quality cross fibrous elastic. That makes it kind of balloon ship shape.

The fish-like stream shape is specially made for the waves and any kind of hurdles.

The whole Gide SUP inflatable paddle board is so balanced that it can support any kind of wave-current coming opposite or in direction of the board.
the strap present on the head of the inflatable paddle board to provide the rider a grip during the laying down of the rider. This grip strap is made up of the best quality material.

The stability of the board is of extreme level. it feels that you have made land on the water. the cool print and styles make the rider even cooler.

The O2 Angler is a perfect inflatable paddle board for fishermen/women who have limited space for storage, but endless places to travel.

Taha Khan

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