Pamela Anderson and Tim Allen is involved in a scandal (EXCLUSIVE)

During the filming of “Home Improvement” in 1991, when Pamela Anderson was almost 23 years old, she was involved in an incident that caused her a great deal of distress in her upcoming memoir.

When I walked out of my dressing room on the first day of filming, Tim was standing in his robe in the hallway as I walked out of the dressing room. When he opened his robe and flashed me – completely naked underneath – he said that it was only fair, since he had seen me naked in the past. Now we are even. According to an excerpt from Variety’s “Love, Pamela,” a book that will be released in January, I laughed uncomfortably.”

The release of version 31 is now available.

Obviously, Allen was referring to Anderson’s modeling for Playboy, which helped transform the budding actress into the internationally recognized sex symbol, as she was 37 at the time of the alleged incident.

In a statement to Variety, Allen said: “No, it didn’t happen. I would never do something like that,”

This explosive claim is one of many in the book, which traces Anderson’s journey from being a young girl from a small town in the Vancouver Island to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable women.

As one of Anderson’s earliest credits, she played Lisa the Tool Girl in the popular show “Home Improvement”, which quickly became the No. 1 TV show in the country. Aside from appearing on the ABC sitcom for the first two seasons, she also appeared in “Baywatch”, which became a worldwide phenomenon and was exported to 150 countries worldwide. She left the ABC sitcom after two seasons to pursue her other interests.

A HarperCollins title of the year, “Love, Pamela,” is a much-awaited book that focuses on Anderson’s hit Hulu series Pam and Tommy from last year. When the series premiered in February 2022, Anderson kept a tight lid on what was going on with the series, which revolves around the theft of the infamous sex tape from her house with her then husband Tommy Lee.

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