Top 10 Things Women Notice About Men

When you’re trying to meet women, it’s essential to keep in mind a few of the top physical attributes that women are looking for in a guy. The first thing that women will notice is your height. If you’re too short or too tall, women will consider you unattractive and unconfident. While you may not be aware of it, your height is important. Also, remember that your weight affects the amount of time women will spend with you. Women often make snap judgments about a man’s physical appearance.

Clean, neat nails. Men should keep their nails trimmed and neat. While some men have unacceptably long or sociopathically short fingernails, most women notice if the nails are clean and straight. Also, make sure that they’re neatly trimmed and no longer than a dime. These are all things that women notice about a guy on a first date, so make sure you keep them trimmed.

Smiling. A man’s smile is an instant attraction for a woman. When he smiles, he immediately makes a woman feel comfortable. In addition, his teeth are clean and shiny. Women can easily scan a man’s body language and thighs in a few seconds. Taking note of these characteristics can help you create a better impression. Make sure you are confident and happy with the way you look.

Eyes. The shape, color, and quality of your eyes are all visual traits that attract a man. Another attraction factor is a man’s smile. Men with nice, white teeth have a better chance of attracting women. In addition to those physical features, you’ll need to pay attention to your teeth. While you may not think they’re all that important, they’re essential in attracting men.

Face: Some women are more attracted to certain facial features. Some women like men with unique facial features, while others prefer strong jaw lines and dimpled cheeks. Some women even look for a cute mole above the upper lip. Whatever it is, men will notice them. Just be sure to take care of these traits and you’ll impress any man. It’s important to note, however, that these are the top 10 things women notice about men.

Appearance: Men also notice their pants. How they wear them will tell a lot about the kind of man they are. A man who wears skinny, tight jeans will tell her that he’s a douche, while baggy, loose jeans will tell her that he’s too macho to care about appearance. And, as we all know, first impressions last for seven seconds, so a man’s manners are essential. Lastly, the way he looks in his clothes is a key factor for attracting women.

Body Language: Many men underestimate the importance of body language in attracting women. Despite the fact that women can’t see what a guy’s thoughts are, they can read the subtle signs of self-assurance in his demeanor. Those signs are easy to spot. So, keep in mind how confident you are before you meet someone new. Keeping your body language open and friendly will make the difference in whether you have a successful relationship.

Posture: When you walk, stand, and act around others, your posture will affect the way women perceive you. A confident, dominant, strong man is what women want in a man. This is also called an alpha male. Moreover, women will notice your posture if you have the right posture. By showing off your body language, you’ll attract more women and improve your chances of a successful relationship. These 10 Things Women Notice About Men

Skin Care: While skin is a very important factor in attraction, it’s often overlooked by men. Having great skin is a good sign of sexual attraction. In addition to drinking plenty of water, men should use skincare products and regularly clean their hands. They should also avoid the wrong idea that using skincare products is only for women. But it’s important to remember that women have a subconscious preference for good skin. The best way to ensure that your skin stays healthy and beautiful is to keep your skin moisturized.


Christiana Antiga

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