Shipping Container Homes Have Both Pros and Cons That Need to Be Considered

Generally speaking, a shipping container home is one that is made from steel containers that are used to transport goods via ships. These containers are mostly 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft long, and they are available in many sizes.

If you are looking for new steel container homes that are more affordable in terms of construction and maintenance costs, then shipping container homes are a viable option for you. You can use a single container home or combine several containers to create a multi level house.

For those who want to make informed decisions about shipping container homes, the following article discusses the pros and cons that must be considered before making a choice.

There are many advantages to owning a Shipping Container Homes

1. Cost-effectiveness is essential

For people who are looking for a low-cost housing option that does not require building materials and labor, container homes are a great option. You can buy a container home for as little as $10,000.

2. Build a house using prefabricated shipping containers

There are many advantages to building a prefabricated shipping container home. First, it is a modular unit made at the factory and delivered to the construction site, so it is easier to construct and takes less time. Second, it is inspected by the container building code inspectors at the factory, so it is of a quality.

3. Modular units are a third type of unit

Modular construction allows the use of different sizes of shipping containers, such as 20 feet by 40 feet, which in turn will allow the use of a variety of shipping containers to create a house. Shipping containers divided into modules can also be combined to create a house.

4. Mobile home unit is the modular home unit

If you hire a shipping transport service to transport the container house from one location to another, then you will be able to re-locate it to a different location.

5. A durable product is one of the most important features

In order to protect cargo container homes during transportation across water bodies, shipping containers are made of corten steel. This is a self-healing steel that can be used to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Therefore, dwelling units built from these containers can likely withstand any weather condition that occurs.

6. The cost of the project is predictable

There are no hidden costs associated with shipping container homes manufactured at the factory. The only variable costs have to do with delivery, site preparation, foundation, assembly, and connection to utilities in order to meet the requirements of the building permit.

Shipping container homes have some cons as well

1. There are some issues with permits and building codes that need to be addressed

The concept of container homes is a new one in some parts of the world. Therefore, there is no building code or permit that pertains to such homes.

As we know, there are regulations regarding shipping container homes in several regions of the United States, such as Texas, California, Colorado, and Oregon.

There is a great deal of work involved in the planning and construction of shipping container homes, so the occupant should be sure to consult the local city planning authorities for information about codes, zoning restrictions, and permit requirements for shipping container homes.

2. There is no guarantee that it is completely eco-friendly

If you want to live in a shipping container home, you will need to use old, refurbished containers that have been repurposed. You will not be able to use these containers for housing if they are damaged or they used to carry chemicals in the past.

3. There is a need for insulation in the building

Insulation for shipping containers in the U.S. is provided based on the site conditions and the R-value that is required for the occupants to live in the container.

4. Requires reinforcement at all levels

Although storage container homes are made of sturdy steel, they may sag during heavy snowfall even though they are made of sturdy steel. In order to resolve such issues, reinforcement of the containers’ load-bearing walls or the installation of a sloped roof is necessary. The issue usually occurs when the corner castings of the container are not strong enough.


What are shipping container homes?

Home owners can choose from many different kinds of shipping container homes, which are large, reusable, intermodal containers that are available in most sizes, including 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft ones.

Is it eco-friendly to build a home made from shipping containers?

As the name implies, shipping containers are eco-friendly only when they are used for housing, as opposed to damaged or abused containers that have a history of carrying harmful chemicals. If the containers have been damaged in any way, they cannot be used for housing.

Christiana Antiga

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