How to Track Fitness Goals Like a Pro

Are you inspired by some of the amazing transformation photos about weight loss or muscle gain you have seen and want a similar result? It would take a lot of effort on your part and continuously keeping track of your progress to achieve the desired result. Most individuals begin their weight loss or muscle gain program with great confidence, but as they walk further on the road of their fitness journey, they find that their motivation slowly depletes. In this article, you will learn about several methods and techniques through which you can keep track of your progress to stay motivated.

Simple and effective ways to keep track of your fitness goals

Here you will learn how to keep track of your fitness goals and know whether your workouts are progressing in the right direction.

Use scales

One of the most popular ways to track your progress of exercise workout and diet program is to regularly measure your body weight. Although it is not a very accurate method, it is widely used as it gives you an indication of whether your efforts are bearing fruit.

If you have a bathroom scale, then you can regularly check your weight and if you find it keeps going down, then it shows that you are on the right path.


  • It is easily accessible and also simple to do.
  • If you want to reduce your weight so that you can lead a healthy life, then regular monitoring of your weight will prove important.

Take selfies

Although taking photos of yourself is not a numerical measurement, it gives you visual cues for any change in your overall physical appearance. If you are losing weight or gaining muscle, then the process is extremely slow.

Furthermore, the weight of people often fluctuates and you cannot see the extremely small changes that happen every day. However, if you look at your photos over a period of time, then it would act as a visual confirmation that all your effort is finally paying off.


  • It acts as a great motivator to push you further to achieve your goals of a healthy and well-toned body.
  • Visual confirmation is a great motivator and allows you to check visually that you are inching towards your goal.

Take measurements

The measurement of your girth can be used both when you are trying to lose weight as well as for a muscle-building exercise routine. For example, measuring your waist is an important indicator of how healthy you are. The fat that gets deposited around your belly is extremely harmful to your health and can lead to heart disease or Type II diabetes. On the other hand, if you find that your biceps are increasing in measurement, then it shows that you are gaining muscle, which is important for your health as well as looks.


  • It is the cheapest method to find whether your body fat is within reasonable limits.
  • Measurement will also tell you which parts of your body are growing well and which parts are not doing so that you can tweak your exercise routine to get good results.

Look at a full-length mirror

Almost every home has a full-length mirror and you can use it to keep track of your fitness goals. It is even better than taking photos, as you can daily check yourself in front of a mirror to see how good you are looking and what parts of your body need more exercise. If you have a full-length mirror and a place where you exercise daily, then it would give you visual confirmation about the progress you are making by following your exercise routine.


  • It is cheap and easily accessible to anyone who wants to see whether he/she is gaining any weight without doing any complicated number calculations.
  • It acts as a great motivator to stay with your exercise routine when you see the changes in your body which are making it look fitter and muscular.

Measuring body fat

Measuring body fat is another way to keep track of your fitness goals. Higher body fat can lead to heart risks, blood pressure as well as diabetes. To check your body fat, you would need fat calipers through which you can measure the skinfolds to find how much fat is there under the skin.


  • Fat calipers are quite cheap and highly durable. Therefore, once you make your investment in buying good quality fat calipers, then it can last you a lifetime.
  • The calipers allow you to get a reading of your body fat in your home privately.

Use fitness app

Fitness apps are another great way to keep track of your fitness goals. Fitness apps come with detailed charts in which you can put your body weight, height, and age. The app will analyze the data and suggest to you a personalized exercise routine help you reach your fitness goals.

You have to regularly update your body measurements and weight so that the fitness app can analyze and track your progress and suggest new exercise routines as well as diets. You can check out the many fitness apps available in the market according to your needs.


  • Keep track of your diet.
  • Monitor your progress.
  • Give free health and fitness tips.
  • Track your footsteps.
  • Provide a personal health coach.
  • Keep you motivated.


These are some of the best ways through which you can track your fitness. You must realize that there is no single best method for everyone. Each one of these has its advantages. Therefore, you should select one depending upon your personal preferences, fitness goal, and budget.

Whatever method you choose, you must continue with it so that you know that you are going somewhere with your fitness training and stop fitness frustration. When you measure your fitness progress, then it would give you a true picture of your current shape. This will help you to figure out what changes in your fitness routine or diet you have to make to achieve the desired result.


Christiana Antiga

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