Football Stickers and People obsession towards It

I’ve talked to a few adult men in their thirties who are devoted to collecting football stickers. They informed me about how deep their habits go, why they feel compelled to collect, and what they’ve done to feed the addiction in shockingly candid conversations.

Every day many people would like to watch football for many hours. Either they are addicted to football or they just need to enjoy moments. Many people would like to share their emotions with their friend, family members and others with same interest. In this survey, many people are involved. The questions are given below

  1. How they love football?
  2. Why football is their favorite game?
  3. Which technology is useful to enjoy moments?
  4. How they enjoy chat with WhatsApp?
  5. How they download football stickers?

There are many other questions but these 5 are main questions to mirror the whole research. Now a days people enjoy their fun moments with chatting on WhatsApp. Now let us discuss the answers to above questions.

How they love football?

Many people replied this question that their love for football is eternal. Football has evolved into a global sport that has always piqued the interest of a large number of people. According to facts, this is one of the most helpful, healthy, humane, and long-lasting entertainment games with a long history of development, as well as one that brings great honor to the winning team. Different interesting answers came by people. Some said that they give them mental peace. Some said it’s healthy. Some answered that we play football a lot because it makes a person physically fit. But when we have given them, a choice as mentioned below

  1. Due to their parents
  2. Due to fitness and mental health
  3. Due to fun
  4. Just for time pass

10% of people have selected option A, 40% people chosen option B, 30% people went with C and others have chosen just for time pass option. So, many of people like it because of fitness and mental health.

Why football is their favorite game?

Football is one of most famous game in whole Europe as well as among American nationals. They love to talk about soccer. So, here too they have to chose one of best option in their mind

  1. Because it brings people together
  2. Because it gives strength and teamwork
  3. Because my friends love it
  4. They don’t know

Near about 40% people replied with option D that they don’t know why football is their favorite game. Other 30% replied that there they love football because of their friends. 20% chosen because it gives strength and teamwork, other 10% chosen option A as their best option.

Which technology is useful to enjoy moments?

There is almost no area in which digital technology have not affected. From earth to mars, technology has shown its glare in every field. In old ages, people need to sit at a place for discussion, fun and many other things. A person has to travel a lot of distance to give any news. The technology evolved from fax, television, mobile and now smart phones. Whole word is beneath a person’s hand. A person can watch football from anywhere in the world using his android cell phone. So, this question was interesting for them. Following options were given to them

  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Television
  3. Laptop
  4. Technology doesn’t affect their enjoyment

More than 60% people said they enjoy their fun moments with their mobile phone. 10% of them said television and 20% said laptop and other 10% chosen that there is no effect of technology on their fun moments.

How they enjoy chat with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the one of famous chatting app. Which is secure, free and user friendly. This question was important because 60% of people chosen mobile phones. They said they enjoy their fun moments related to football on WhatsApp. Following options were given with this question

  1. By Sharing Stickers
  2. By sharing memes
  3. By audio or video call
  4. They don’t like to chat with WhatsApp

More than 70% people selected option A that they would like to chat with friends using stickers as stickers are giving them opportunity to share their emotions in much less time. The final question was much more interesting.

How they download football stickers?

Many people use different android apps to download stickers for their WhatsApp. Soccer stickers are quite popular among communities to share their thoughts related to football. Some apps are useful for downloading soccer stickers for their WhatsApp.

But to see how many people use android this question was necessary.

So, following options were given to them

  1. Play Store for Android
  2. App Store for Apple
  3. Web Browsing
  4. Other APK Sites

More than 80% people replied that they use play store for downloading stickers. They don’t like searching. They want to download an app which give them all the features. Now, finally there is a blank space where they can mention best android app for soccer stickers. Some of them are mentioned below

  1. Soccer Stickers for WhatsApp
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo Stickers
  3. Neymar Stickers

You can find many other apps using keywords of your interest on play store.


This article is based on survey from different people. They like football because it provides mental health as well as fitness. Many people love to chat on WhatsApp. They enjoy their fun moments by sharing soccer stickers and memes stickers. Many of them are android users and suggest to download an app with a pack of stickers. After their suggestions, different apps were downloaded and checked. Soccer Stickers for WhatsApp by Sense Game Apps is best according to its features. Different categories are separated. You can find collection of soccer stickers according to your favorite footballer, league and football clubs. Also, it includes football animated stickers and memes stickers for WhatsApp. People from all over the world can access it using play store.


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  2. Suggested Soccer Stickers app

Christiana Antiga

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