How to Build Cryptocurrency Mining Rig with Minimum Cost?

If you are interested in digital currency and want to know how it can give you utmost benefits, you should have the idea of building cryptocurrency mining rig with minimum cost because for the beginners, it is necessary to know how less investment can give you huge benefits.

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining Rig?

Don’t confuse yourself on listening the word cryptocurrency mining rig with the huge drilling rigs used to drill wells for oil gas and other material. This is a digital world with digital rigs, and simply a computer or a set of computers is called rigs that can mine your currency. But obviously, word rig is used for some reasons because the specifications of these computers are a bit different from usual pcs used in homes and offices. In the world of cryptocurrency mining, you have to deal with hashes per second symbolized by h/s and these pcs are specially designed for digging out maximum workload for specific performance. It means you cannot use these pcs for other purposes efficiently.

Usual Mining Rigs:

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining rig, the factor of cost is always there. You can spend a ton of money on buying high graphics computers and power consumption. Usual mining rigs are too costly like BITMAIN S17pro 56TH/s has cost about $7750 and consumes power about 1696-2290w. They have ASIC-a circuit designed for special tasks like mining.

Can Simple Computers Use For Mining Purposes?

The answer is yes; with some alterations you can be able to use your personal computers as a cryptocurrency mining rig. Regarding the fact that it would not be able to dig like super computers, but you can be a part of mining and earn up to some scale.

Methods to Make a Cheap Cryptocurrency Mining Rig:

For mining rigs, there are three basic categories that are GPU, CPU and ASIC. ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit).The biggest factor that is of utmost importance in selecting the right rig that is the currency that you want to mine. There was a time when you were able of mining Bitcoin just with the help of CPU and it was the game of a quick glance. Now the time has changed and very few currencies can be mined effectively with the menial processing power like CPU. If Bitcoin is the thing that you mine specifically, you must have an upgraded purpose built machine to mine Bitcoin in an effective manner.


CPU is a useful old way for mining process. Gpus and ASICs are too costly, so you can go for a simple CPU. It would be suggested that any intel CPU or Celerons having 2 cores and 2.5ghz clock speed ranging between 40-50$ will be great enough. Lower the cores lower the threads and it would reduce power consumption. It will also decrease the total cost for cryptocurrency mining rig drastically. This is one of the major goals to reduce extra power consumption and this range CPUs are exactly according to our pocket.

CPU mining involves the process of generating hashes by using CPU and its processing power. This is a fact that this method of mining was good and effective in previous times, but now it is difficult to do it. As crypto mining has become more in demand with its growing competition, and tech advancement is more effective in this competition now, so, CPU method is an old process of mining today. Your CPU is not powerful and capable enough for calculating a purpose built ASIC or a mining rig that runs six top of the line GPUs to give the edge of easy mining with advance technology.

Told by a dissertation help firm, there are also some currencies that save the small miners from being outclassed completely because there are so many others who can afford it with a big deal. If we see an example, Monero is one of these currencies. They make themselves as ASIC Resistant while trying to keep their cryptocurrency and equalitarian localised as it is possible to be.



Cryptocurrency mining rig is usually easy with GPU. A common method is GPU mining that is a bit more complicated but usually more common in use by the people who are into mining. It’s a complicated task to have many CPUs working together for a common goal. Instead, it is more easy to use powerful group of GPUs to one motherboard and let them set for a task. It’s a tricky thuing to choose the right GPU, but it’s as thrilling as the mining process itself is.

AMD and Nvidia are two major options and they have great features for experienced as well as minor miners. The MSI GeForce RTX 3090 is such a great option regarding its performance, but it is surely a burden in investment for you to cope up with.


Motherboard proves to be your helping hand for building cryptocurrency mining rig efficiently. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin on motherboard are licensed under CC BY 2.0 by wuestenigel, but it takes a GPU to be connected with something as just one GPU itself is unable to deliver the hash power that is needed and essential for you to be competitive in the race of mining. A motherboard is much needed for that rig and its ability to accommodate more GPUs. For this process, you have to have a motherboard that is capable of connecting at least six GPUs. The MSI PRO Z390-A is one good option to maintain a reasonable price tag and handle the situation in an efficient manner.

Building cryptocurrency mining rig is an interesting task but you should keep in mind that low price systems for mining is suitable for low investments, but for having big deals and huge investments, you must have huge systems that are costly too. So, when you are taking an interest in mining with the minimum Cost, consider that this low budget system will allow you to invest less.

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