Used Compactors for Sale from Our Local Dealers

When shopping for used compactors, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you in your purchase. It is important that you understand what compactor you may be purchasing before you make a purchase. There are basically three types of compactors.

Each type has its own unique features and advantages. Let us take a look at each type and their advantages and disadvantages.

Type of Drum

Type of Drum

The most common type is a single drum or a double drum. There are typically five to eight teeth in every compactor. These are powered by a chain and are made out of steel, cast iron or aluminum. Some used compactors for sale have up to ten teeth, but these usually come with the package of a dump truck. These types of compactors have a larger loading capacity as well as more rolling torque. They can generally be used for heavy construction or landscaping work.

Double-drum compacters are generally used on excavations where the operator needs to handle several loads at one time. These compactors are similar to mini diggers but do not have the capability to dig. They can, however, pick up dirt and carry it away. Some of the types of double-rum compactors are the following; tiltrotors, zero turn rollers, wire roller rollers and compactors with four wheels. These types of used compactors for sale also tend to be more powerful than the single-disc compactor.

Benefits of Used Compactors

Benefits of Used Compactors

There are a number of benefits of buying used compactors for sale from our suppliers. Some of the benefits include getting to know the model and its history, being able to test drive the machine, having the option to ask questions about the parts and how it was repaired and maintained, being able to see if there are any documents concerning the maintenance of the vehicle and so on. In addition to these benefits, we can also see how the machine works. This is important as part of the overall test before we buy.

Of course, it is very important that we do not end up buying used compactors for sale through an unscrupulous dealer. When buying used compactors for sale, we need to take all the steps we can to ensure that the machines we buy are well maintained, functioning at their prime and in good condition. This includes ensuring that the seller has provided a clear history relating to the maintenance of the compactor, ensuring that the machine has received the proper service and, of course, ensuring that the machine meets the standards we expect to see. The seller should also provide us with documents relating to the oil changes and other maintenance performed on the compactor. We can even request for inspection reports.

Local Dealer

Local Dealer

In addition to buying used compactors for sale from our local dealers, we can also go online to see what kind of offers we can get in our area. There are many websites that offer used compactor units, and it is important that we take our time to check out as many sites as we can. These sites allow us to read reviews posted by other people who have purchased the same or similar machines and to see if we can get better deals elsewhere.


Another thing that makes dealers offer used compactors for sale is the warranty on the machine. Before we buy, we should be sure that the product has a limited warranty period, which is usually a year or one-year warranty, depending on the material used for making the compactor. If possible, we should go to dealers and actual showrooms to see the product first hand. This will give us a much better idea of what we can expect from the machine, if the seller provides any.

Type of warranty

If at all possible, we should try and find used compactors for sale that have some type of guarantee or warranty. We should also make sure that we are dealing with reputable dealers. The internet is a great place to start looking, but we should never purchase anything without seeing it first hand. When it comes to purchasing rollators, we should be especially careful, since we will be putting this appliance in our cars and possibly being parked for long periods of time.


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