Boosting the Productivity of Your Heavy Machinery

Every construction company aims to achieve the greatest output from their heavy machinery. Many contractors fail to avail their equipment’s the greatest efficiency as they don’t know how to increase productivity. Thus, they look for various ways to boost their industrial machine’s productivity and reduce its downtime. Thankfully, there are some strategies that use your equipment’s data to enhance its performance by 40% and let you operate it for longer time intervals.

9 Ways to Improve Heavy Equipment Productivity

Heavy machinery productivity is the time your machine in running condition spends performing construction applications. The better the operator’s skill and equipment’s state, the more productivity you can achieve. Below are some essential ways that can boost the work performance of your heavy machinery.

Select Certified Second-Hand Heavy Machinery

Buying new equipment isn’t the only way to achieve the greatest productivity. It does come with loads of pros but you also need to consider your budget before finalizing the machine. You can avail many benefits by buying or renting certified used heavy machinery. Always visit a supplier that is authorized to sell the brand you want. Selecting the equipment from a trusted dealer will ensure you don’t lose productivity due to machine breakdowns or malfunctions. Authorized suppliers have the product knowledge as well as the technical expertise needed to keep second-hand heavy machinery in the best working condition.

Choose the Right Equipment

Select the equipment that matches your work requirements. Many times, contractors either miscalculate their work needs or choose a smaller machine because that’s all the dealer has available. Companies rent or buy oversized heavy machinery thinking it can help them achieve the greatest output. However, each of these decisions results in minimizing the overall productivity as the equipment consumes more time to finish the job. Additionally, each project demands specific machinery which means even if you have a similar machine that can’t be the direct choice. You need to analyze your project needs and shortlist a machine accordingly. Choosing the right equipment will help you achieve the greatest productivity during work.

Recruit Skilled Equipment Operators

Hire skilled and trained operators to boost your machine’s performance and reduce injuries or accidents. It’s essential you spend time recruiting the right persons for your equipment. Make sure the operators you hire understand the heavy machinery controls and technology tools well enough to help you perform work faster. Moreover, these trained operators know how to handle machines safely to avoid any mishaps on the work site. Staying safe allows your equipment operator to achieve top performance as well as reduce downtime or costly delays.

Plan Your Heavy Machinery Usage

Planning your equipment use in the construction work helps you achieve great productivity. If you are working on multiple jobs in parallel, it’s essential you prepare a schedule for your heavy machinery to ensure it’s available in good working condition as per your project needs. In this modern era, you can easily plan out your machine schedule using a project management system. This planning will help you achieve the greatest output from your rental machinery by informing the supplier to deliver your equipment a day before you need it.

Use Data Analytics System

With technological advancement, you can now monitor your machine’s productivity and even improve it. Your heavy machinery can connect with a data analytics system to provide valuable information for boosting the equipment’s output. This technology updates how much your construction machinery has been running as well as whether it was run correctly or not. Moreover, this data analytics system provides safety alerts preventing major accidents and costly repairs. Using this technology, operators can even automate repetitive tasks performing them more efficiently and faster.

Carry Out Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Carrying out preventive maintenance (PM) can ensure you get the most out of your heavy machinery. PM will not only boost your machine’s efficiency but also help you make 10% extra money. You must inspect your equipment before and after the operation to make sure it’s working properly. Moreover, you must check all moving components for lubrication, damage, wear, and tear and replace defective ones if found. By ensuring your heavy machinery is functioning well, you’ll be able to perform construction jobs effortlessly.

Maintain Machine Operating Record

Maintaining a detailed equipment operating record helps you maximize your machine’s production time and extends its life cycle. You must record the time during which the heavy machinery was in actual use. This data will provide you with non-productive hours details, helping you to increase your heavy equipment’s productivity. You can maintain this record on manual spreadsheets or even you can take assistance from the latest construction management tools.

Track Heavy Machinery Downtime

Track your equipment’s idle time as it can hurt your project’s timeline and budget if increased. You must also analyze what could be the possible causes that resulted in this loss of production hours. This analysis will help you eliminate those factors that are contributing to downtime delays as well as allow you to enhance your heavy machinery’s productivity.

Encourage Operator’s Feedback

Having experienced operators is a great advantage to have as a contractor. These trained people can guide you to get the most out of your industrial machinery. Thus, it’s essential for your growth as well as the project’s success that you take feedback from your skilled people. This feedback will also benefit you in boosting your equipment’s performance.


Heavy machinery’s performance plays a vital role in completing construction jobs well. These machines must be operated well and given the correct time for maintenance to ensure they work at optimum conditions for long intervals. By using data analytics and keeping an eye on the equipment’s operational time, you can increase the productivity of your heavy machinery.

Christiana Antiga

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