4 Steps to Commercial Construction Process

Commercial construction involves the design, constructing, and renovating of commercial buildings. Such projects employ heavy industrial machinery funded by private companies and national and local governments. Contractors and developers compete for construction contracts by submitting bid proposals.

Constructing Residential Buildings

Private construction companies specialize in constructing residential buildings, townhouses, condominiums, industrial buildings, bridges, helipads, and museums. The most popular residential construction project is usually home. However, the construction industry is also involved in other projects, including office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, educational institutions, industrial complexes, and retail stores. Many companies specialized in different types of projects.

Residential Buildings

Designing and Constructing

In an urban setting, commercial construction companies play a major role in designing and constructing public places such as parks, malls, plazas, hotels, and restaurants. In suburban areas, the building and grounds maintenance is handled by building contractors. Public works designed to enhance the quality of life include schools, roads, bridges, and parks. Townhouses and condominiums are built for the sole purpose of living.

Contractor and Architect

The design and construction of a building is a collaborative effort between the contractor and architect. The two must incorporate every aspect of the project so that the end product meets the original concept. For example, residential construction often incorporates space-efficiency measures such as wider doorways, extra elevators, and more efficient floor designs. Many modern buildings have sliding doors, which save space and add to the ambiance. Most of the time, such components are incorporated in the original blueprint. The same thing goes for designing the interiors of commercial buildings.

Contractor and Architect

Commercial Construction Sector

Private construction companies are a relatively new addition to the commercial construction sector. In fact, many of the most prestigious construction companies have started out as contractors. Some of the renowned names in the private construction industry are Craigslist, Tully Built Homes, and Corel Corporation. This new breed of contractors takes charge of all the aspects of building a house from the initial idea to the completion. As such, this new breed of contractors takes several other forms.

A typical contractor starts out by submitting a bid for any job. Once the general contractor receives the bids, it’s up to the decision-makers to choose the bid with which they would like to sign the contract. At this point, the bidding process will start. Depending on the complexity of the construction task, the bidding can range from low single-digit prices to several tens of thousands of dollars. This, in turn, will depend largely on the qualifications of the contractors, the bidding process, and the state in which the job is being done.

For example, if the building is being built in a rural area, the bid will probably be much lower than one in a highly urbanized city.



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