Toyota Exporter to Uganda

Asia Hilux re-emerged as Thailand’s top car exporter and top 4×4 exporter to Uganda, Kenya, and other East African nations such as Tanzania and Malawi, just as we were Thailand’s top car exporter and top 4×4 exporter to Southern African countries following the prohibition on imported stolen vehicles. Please keep in mind that you can only import vehicles manufactured between 2015 and ownwards because Kenya only allows cars fifteen years old to be imported. Uganda used to be free of such restrictions, but starting this year, Uganda will be subject to an eight-year ban. To Uganda, Kenya, and the rest of East Africa, we’re sending largely used Toyota Hilux Tigers, as well as almost new and new Toyota Hilux Vigos.

Please keep in mind that Asia Hilux is Thailand’s largest African exporter. Exporting to Uganda may be intimidating for some, but not for Asia Hilux. Today, we may load your automobile onto a ship bound for Mombasa or Dar es Salam. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we’re busy putting our clients’ automobiles onto the ships that will take them to their destination. Send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about the Asia Hilux difference. Asia Hilux has been family-owned and run since 1911, and is noted for its unsurpassed integrity, excellent customer service, low prices, wide assortment, high quality, and quick delivery.     

Uganda’s import tax on old commercial vehicles was recently increased from 7% to 27%. This, according to Uganda used car sellers, is putting the industry out of business.

Muhamed Tariq Javaid, chairman of the Used Cars Importers Association and managing director of Coin a car depot in Ntinda, recently told a news conference at his office that sales have decreased by 40% since the tariff went into effect on this March.

The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T) valuation method is used to determine the dutiable value (customs value) in Uganda.

Christiana Antiga

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