New RC Cars for 2021

“Turbo Ultima” is a new release from the folks at Retro RC. It’s a full scale, a metal replica of the famous Ford GT. What’s it like to drive one of these powerful little cars? This review will take a quick and insightful look at turbo ultima and what it can do for your remote control hobby. We will cover some of the features found in this great new product.

Vintage Car Racing

The turbo ultima is actually part of a new model kit called vintage car racing. This kit comes with a remote control car, charger and all the accessories needed to replicate the appearance of a vintage Ford GT. This is the perfect way to add speed and muscle to your collection of vintage RC vehicles. For those just getting into remote-controlled vehicles, this is a good way to get started and can be a starter model for a new hobbyist or a step up to the more professional level.

Vintage Segment

This product is part of the vintage segment of the hobby. This means that you can get some serious deals on some of the more rare and unique models. For example, you might be able to find a turbo ultima for around fifty dollars and go as high as one hundred and fifty dollars. There are a few things worth looking for when you are trying to find this level of collector memorabilia, but one of the biggest attractions will be the factory “stock” car or one close to it at a fraction of the price.

Two-Cycle Engine

The first item we will discuss in this review is the Okamoto Yokomo room 10th-anniversary edition. This one is based on a real car with a two-cycle engine. The engine has been completely revamped, and the body was also painted. This is a real showpiece that will draw many onlookers. For such a low price, one should definitely consider this vintage segment.

Three-Cycle Engine

Another great addition to this collection is the Anthony Flybar. It is based on a real vehicle with a three-cycle engine, and it comes with an Anthony nitro RC car speed control. This is a real value, and anyone interested should take the time to check out the flyer.

Speed Remote Control

Last but not least, one of the newest additions to the list of vintage RC car parts is the losi xxt-cr graphite plus speed controller. This remote control utilizes a new lithium battery that provides over two hundred and fifty continuous hours of operation. This model uses NiCad as opposed to lithium-ion, which provides long operating life. This model ships with two separate remote controls, so users can try both if they want.

Electric 2WD Off-Road

The newest addition to the list is the turbo ultima. This vehicle uses a nitro-methane engine that provides the car with excellent speed, torque, and longevity. In order to power this engine, the turbo ultima uses an electric 2WD off-road robot. The turbo ultima also features a nitrous oxide delivery system, and the engine can be tuned to give more power or durability.


Other great additions include the rcX Yokomo alone and the rcX dusk spider. The alone features a high-performance two-stage nitro system, and the spider has a two-stage nitro system as well. This vehicle also ships with a front bumper, side skirts, a twin air damper, front and rear flip flop flaps, and rear defrosters. These parts are new for this year’s released RC cars, and all of them are high-quality products. Each of these items was taken quite seriously, and each model offers realistic performance that will amaze hobbyists for years to come. These accessories used are top-notch, and all of them have real-world precision built into them.


Christiana Antiga

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