Major Features, Utility and User-Friendly Functions of the Cat 14H Motor Grader

Taking off the thick layers of snow from the roads or lifting heavy logs, and dump it within the truck, these difficult works can’t be evaded with the assistance of a motor grader machine. Not only coming out the snow from the roads but also it’s used for moving heavy dirt piles. This machine is widely seen at a mining and construction site, where it takes away huge blocks of debris or useless trash materials and dumping them in one corner. The motor grader incorporates a long blade at the forepart, which is employed to form a smooth flat surface. All the quality models of Caterpillar motor grader machines usually include 3 axels. The built-in engine and also the spacious cab is located above the rear axle attachment and also the third one is placed near the forepart of the equipment. The blade attachment is found just between both. The Caterpillar engines have a capacity of 125-500 HP which boosts the productivity rate of the grader.

Due to the easy-to-use functions, flexible machine the system, and amazing application, the Cat 14H motor grader is the highest-selling equipment within the construction arena. That’s why we might now be discussing the features and utility of Cat 14H motor grader and can explain how useful it’s relevant to the mining and housing industry.

Features and Attachments

Let us begin with how useful, and helpful this equipment is from the operator’s perspective. Expert engineers, who were working to advance the Caterpillar motor grader machine’s features and attachments, have ensured that they ought to pay more attention to providing a high level of visibility to the driving force. This is often how they came up with the unique angled cab doors, an engine with a slanted back window, and tapered enclosure. These developments within the Cat 14H motor grader have helped a protracted way for the operator, who is inside the cabin to possess an eagle’s view of all the items outside the box, therefore the driver can easily see anything even within the dark. They need also changed the control lever systems and hand wheel with flexible joystick controls which help the operator to figure easily. The space within the operator’s cab has also been expanded to relinquish more room to the motive force. Well, he can easily relax within the cabin when he’s got nothing to try to do.

The model Cat 14H and its subsequent series of motor graders are fitted with the powerful C9.3 ACERT engine, which is typically considered joined of the simplest engines within the industry. This specific engine has supreme torque quality and significant capacity to tug heavy loads. The Cat 14H may maintain desirable grading speeds which permit it to induce the work done faster with none form of downshifting. The brakes provided within the Cat 14H motor grader are hydraulic which automatically gives more power to the machine’s brakes once they are applied to prevent the machine. It also decreases the probabilities of the brakes getting weak; as a result, the lifetime of the equipment will automatically increase.

Overall, Cat 14H motor grader could be a machine with low maintenance cost; therefore, it saves a decent deal of cash for the contractor. This machine also consumes less fuel which helps the development company to form maximum profits.

Christiana Antiga

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