Luxury by Leisure Travel RV Company – Union Crest, Van Comfort, and Van Winkler RVs Reviewed

Leisure travel vans are designed for long-distance moving. The new Luxury by Leisure Travel Vans features a luxury vibe in a sleek Class A van. This vehicle, which features a plush Murphy bed, was debut at RVX in Salt Lake City, Utah. The van has a full-service spa, and a relaxing wet bar. This luxurious van also offers storage space for your gear and other belongings.

Ford Transit chassis

At the time of this writing, the Ford Transit chassis has been used by Leisure Travel Vans as the base van for all models for three years. Only the top models on the market have this great Ford motor in them. Since then, the Ford transit has been replaced by the Luxury by Leisure Travel Van, and the company has kept the Transit name but changed out the V-8 engine for the luxury van’s Eco.

Chassis features

The new Luxury by Leisure Travel Vans line includes four new chassis designs. The two most popular sizes are the 20ft. and 24ft. chassis features include a new full-length wheelchair platform with hydraulic lift-up and locking entry. For the twenty-foot model, a new semi-trailer hitch moves the load to the rear axle. Both of these models offer the same large rear floor space with plenty of room for passengers to move about in comfort.

Type of vehicle

The twenty-eight inch, full-length wheelchair platform is standard on the new Luxury by Leisure Travel vans, and this is an improvement over the somewhat limited space available on the previous generation of this type of vehicle. The twenty-eight-inch model offers an approximate weight of thirty-three hundred pounds, and the curb weight of approx. seventeen hundred pounds for the four-door family style vans.

Class C RV

The twenty-eight-inch class c RV is the next generation of luxury leisure travel vans. Like the twenty-six inch model it offers the three-point tie down for cargo securing and comes with a tailgate mounted ladder and a hydraulic lift-up. It also includes the previously mentioned tailgate, a three-point tie down, and a hydraulic lift-up. Both the front and rear seats swivel and recline for easier regulation of the distance you can stretch out. There are also additional passenger seating capacity of eleven and a half people.

Class C Motor homes

The last two models of the new Luxury by Leisure Travel vans are the twenty-six inch class c motor homes and the thirty-three-inch class c motor homes. Both of these provide the standard features including all the comforts of the larger vans, including the power window, power door locking systems, power side windows, air conditioning, and CD/DVD players. They do however, differ in that the thirty-three inch van includes a wider door opening and three more years of warranty on the engine. It also has a slightly bigger fuel tank, despite being only three years old.

As mentioned earlier, this is a brand new partnership for the luxury motor home company, and they are currently offering three different styles for the consumer to choose from. These are the Union Crest, Unity Pro, and the Van Comfort. The Union Crest is the biggest and has the most powerful engine, but the other models are much less powerful. All three of these vehicles are certified by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) and come with the necessary certifications and paperwork to allow them to be driven on American roads.


Finally, to conclude our Luxury by Leisure Travel vans review, we have to give the Van Comfort the highest rating by far. It is certified by SAE, has a great cabin interior, comfortable seating, and excellent performance. If you want to experience luxury in RVs without draining your bank account, then look into the Union Crest, Van Comfort, and the Van Winkler models from the Luxury by Leisure Travel RV Company. You will be happy that you did!


Christiana Antiga

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