Different Drug Testing Methods for the Construction Worker

The construction industry is at the top of the list having the highest number of workers and laborers. Besides the largest number of workers working in the industry, it still needs more skilled labor on daily basis and faces labor shortage challenges. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the record of the most dangerous and risky jobs list and to your surprise, the construction industry also leads the list. As we know that the industry is very rigid and has a lot of dynamic fields which require the workers accordingly. The contractors need laborers who are healthy, fit and have the ability to stand out in the hardest jobs.

Contractors need to be careful while hiring laborers for heavy-duty tasks such as operating used front-end loaders for sale. As the industry has the highest number of workers, it might possible that the use of drugs and alcohol is common. It is a good step to ask for a drug test during the hiring process.

In this article, we are giving you some drug test methods that you may carry out in your company for the workers either new or old ones.

Drug Testing Methods

The main purpose of drug testing is to keep the working environment healthy and free from any illegal activities as well. Drug addiction and abuse is the serious issue that should never be taken for granted in any case. The following are a few methods that all construction company owners must imply to test their workers. A healthy workforce and environment lead to a successful company.

Mouth Swabbing Test

The moth swabbing method is a rapidly emerging testing method for drugs. It is easy to conduct and gives quick results. Further, the mouth swabbing method can detect recent drug use, even an hour before.

The drawback of this method is that it can only detect drug use within 72 hours. The method can help you detect the regular drug user but not the sporadic ones. However, due to the convenient and rapid result of the method, you can try this one.

Urine testing

This is the most common and adapted method of drug testing due to its low cost and high accuracy in results. The drawback is that the sampling requires a very well setup including separate restrooms and labs. Whereas cheating in the sample collection was seen several times to save the addicted people. Though the results are so accurate that there is no chance of cheating. However, if you can manage the issue in your company then you may imply this method as well.

Hair follicle testing

This is the most effective yet less common method of drug testing. You can even detect the drug usage over the last three months ago which makes it very reliable for the sporadic drug user.

The drawback of this method is that it requires a little sample cutting from the hairy part which may unease the employee and it is not suitable for the recent drug use detection.


Once you select the most suitable method of drug testing for your company, no make sure to set up a policy for it. You can hire a lab for this testing. Whereas the policy should clearly mention that all the new hiring must present themselves for drug testing. Considering all the federal and local government laws, you need to design a set of regulations.


Testing an employee for drug addiction is not like testing the used front-end loaders for sale. It is the most serious concern that every construction company should immediately impose. The Bureau of labor statistics shows that the construction industry is among the riskiest industry that needs a large number of workers. It is understood that workers may have such kind of drug addiction. The article has some potential drug testing method that you may imply in your company policy.

Christiana Antiga

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